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This system provides the following capabilities:

* Vendor numbers can be numbers or letters (up to 6 positions)

* Discounts can be specified in any of the following ways:

Dollar amount entered manually with the invoice
Percentage of gross amount of invoice
Percentage of net amount of invoice

* Maintains the following vendor history information:

YTD Purchases
YTD Discounts Taken
YTD Paid
YTD Retainage Held
YTD Discounts Allowed
YTD Retainage Paid

* Allows gross invoice amount to be broken down into retainage, discount, tax, and paid-to-date amounts
* Payment selection cycle permits selection of all invoices, all invoices for a particular vendor, all invoices for a particular job, or individual invoices; all within a specified due date
* Partial payments can be processed through the system
* Prepaid or manual checks may be entered through the system
* Vendor inquiry display
* Invoice inquiry display
* Each invoice can have multiple job costs and/or general ledger disbursements
* Produces the following reports:

Master Listing by Vendor
Cash Requirements Report
Master Listing by Job
Cash Disbursements Edit
Master Listing by Due Date
Aged Listings
1099 Forms

* All listings allow for entry of a specified range of vendors to include on the report

* Interfaces with General Ledger, Job Cost, Purchase Order/ Subcontractor Control, and Activity History applications

* Protects certain fields of information which if changed would create problems with an accurate audit trail.

* Tracks Workers Compensation and General Liability certificate numbers, expiration dates, and withholding percentages.

* Allows processing of single checks on demand.


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