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This system provides the following capabilities:

* Job Numbers can be numbers or letters (up to 6 positions)

* Jobs can be subdivided into phases and subphases.

* Phases and subphases can each be numbers or letters (up to 6 positions each)

* Flexible job setup; standard jobs can be used to create actual jobs

* Phases and subphases are subdivided into cost types. The seven cost types which are supported are


* Entering percents complete, projected future costs, or costs at completion allow for the printing of cost reports which project costs at completion

* Allows for entry of standard breakdown descriptions

* Maintains the following in both dollars and units:

Original estimate
Costs this period
Purchase Order/Subcontract Commitment
Costs to date
Change orders

* Can select reports by beginning and ending job number, cost types to include, and date through which cost should be reported.

* Produces the following reports:

Detailed Job Cost Job
Costs this Period
Job Costs by Phase
Job Costs to Date
Job Costs Summary
Projected Job Costs
Job Costs Progress
Work in Progress
Job Costs Units Rate
Job Name Listing

(There are variations of these reports and many additional reports that are standard with the system.)

* Interfaces with Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Purchase Order/Subcontractor Control, and Activity History

* Protects certain information which if changed would create problems with an accurate audit trail.

* Tracks and reports both cost posted to jobs and payments received on jobs.

* Allows for tracking cost on individual pieces of equipment.


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