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This system provides the following capabilities:

* Define up to 499 earnings categories, 299 tax categories, and 200 miscellaneous deductions (loans, insurance, etc.)

* Earnings categories can be taxable or nontaxable, and can be included or excluded from gross pay and deductions can be set up as tax exempt

* Supports the following payroll periods in any combination: daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, bimonthly,quarterly, semiannual, annual

* Each employee can have multiple pay rates in a single pay period

* Each employee can have any number of payroll entries in a single pay period (for distribution of labor costs and ledger expenses)

* Each employee can have multiple job descriptions within a single pay period (for certified reporting)

* Supports FICA, Medicare, Federal, Earned Income Credit, and multiple state and local income tax algorithms

* Taxes can be calculated automatically or a set override amount can be manually entered by the user

* Provides the ability to produce multiple checks for the same employee in the same pay period. (To allow for separate bonus, expense, or other checks)

* Provides for multiple state earnings and tax withholding for each employee within a single payroll period (produces only one check per employee even if they work in multiple states)

* Miscellaneous deductions can be an automatic set dollar amount, an automatic percentage of gross amount, or a manual amount entered by the operator

* Produces the following reports:

Payroll Check Edit
Payroll Job Analysis
Payroll Expense Certified
Payroll Report
Payroll Checks
Payroll Balance Sheet
Payroll Earnings to Date Report
W-2 Forms
Quarterly SUI Reports

* Many of the reports allow for entry of a specified range of employees to include on the report

* Employee earnings inquiry display

* Interfaces with General Ledger, Job Cost, and Activity History applications

* Magnetic Reporting of W-2 Information via diskette or electronic transmission

* Allows for calculation and posting of labor burden to jobs and general ledger

* Allows for Direct Deposit Capability for all or selected employees.

* Allows for clock time entry from time clock punch cards


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