Purchase Orders

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This system offers the following options:

* Purchase Order/Subcontract numbers can be numbers or letters (up to 6 positions)

* Purchase Orders/Subcontracts can be disbursed by job, phase, subphase, and cost type

* The following information is maintained through this system:

Original amount
Change orders
Billed to date
Paid to date
Discounts allowed to date
Discounts taken to date
Retainage held to date
Retainage paid to date

* Produces the following reports:

Listing by Purchase Order/Subcontract Number
Listing by Job Number
Listing by Vendor Number
Totals Listing by Purchase Order/Subcontract Number
Totals Listing by Job Number
Totals Listing by Vendor Number

* All report options allow selection of beginning and ending numbers and whether to include purchase orders, subcontracts, or both

* Interfaces with Accounts Payable and Job Cost


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